Baytna Syria is a leading institution fostering the Syrian civil society movement. It promotes an inclusive and democratic future for all Syrians, thus laying the foundation for long-term stability across the country.

Established in 2013 with generous support by Denmark, Baytna Syria is run independently by Syrian professionals. Its focus is on active citizenship and creative involvement. Based in Gaziantep in the south of Turkey, it has a number of focal points in Syria.


Baytna Syria is the platform for Syrian civil society inside and outside the country. We offer an open space for Syrians to meet, mingle, attend lectures, and get involved. We are convening people and creating networks among civil society as well as with donors. Through our cultural events, we create a fertile environment for young artists to grow and flourish.

Baytna Syria promotes civic engagement of individuals and associations. We provide initiatives and organizations with know-how and tools. We build capacities among civil society for successful social engagement. Our skills development programs include organizational and managerial issues as well as public policy analysis. 

Baytna Syria empowers through funding. We do not only create connections and capacities. We also finance projects so that theory gets translated into practice. Grantmaking for new and upcoming initiatives is done in close cooperation with our network of people inside Syria and follows transparent processes.