Baytna Events

  Sat, Dec 9 At 6:00 PM
Country for Syria Concert
Baytna Syria is invite you to attend a Concert by the COUNTRY FOR SYRIA. When: Saturday 09 December 2017 at 18:00 hrs.
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  Sat, Nov 26 At 2:00 PM
Missing Migrants
Missing Migrants Deadly shipwrecks and the bodies of migrants have become the most iconic images of the contemporary refugee crisis at the EU’s periphery.he majority of dead bodies found are buried unidentified. As such, thousands of families in countries of migrant origin remain unaware of the fate of their loved ones. The Mediterranean Missing research project has sought to understand both the impact on families of having a relative missing in migration, and the law, policy and practice around the identification of bodies of dead migrants....
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  Thu, Apr 14 At 7:00 PM Film Festival
Syria's Mobile Phone Films Festival
Baytna Syria is pleased to invite you to attend the Syria's Mobile Phone Films Festival on Thursday 14th April 2016 at 19:00 hrs; a half and hour screening of pioneered short clips (with English subtitles) filmed via mobile cameras by professional and talented film directors.
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  Fri, Apr 1 At 7:00 PM Music Night
Haneen Choir
Musical Concert Night by Haneen Women Choir
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  Thu, Mar 31 At 7:00 PM Seminar
Panel on “The Syrian Media & the Future Challenges”
“The Syrian Media & the Future Challenges” moderated by Ali Safar with Ahmad Kamel | Morshed Alnayef | & Ali Nemer)
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  Wed, Mar 30 At 8:00 PM Movie
Unlisted (Short feature film) produced in Syria- 2012. It is a 28 min film, written and directed by: Roula Al-Kayal Based on the short story "The Language of Ai Ai" By Dr. Yousuf Idris Main Cast : Nawar Bulbul – Ramez Alaswad
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  Wed, Mar 30 At 7:00 PM Movie
Eyes in QAAH
a Syrian Film "Eyes in QAAH" directed by Tamim Kalash
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  Tue, Mar 29 At 7:00 PM Poetry
Poetry Night
Poetry Night with Ahmad Baghdadi | Mohamad Haj Bakri | Najm Aldeen Samman | & Wael Kays
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  Mon, Mar 28 At 7:00 PM Cultural week
The Syrian Cultural Week "Mirrors of Syria 2"
Baytna Syria is pleased to invite you to attend our “Mirrors of Syria 2” activities, starting from Monday 28th March through Friday 1st April 2016
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  Mon, Mar 28 At 7:00 PM Movie
Soul’s Apertures
Premier Screening of "Soul’s Apertures" directed by Firas Diba, followed by a panel discussion with (Firas Diba | Mahmaoud Osman | & Ahed Festuk via Skype Venue: Baytna Syria Premises
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  Fri, Feb 26 At 7:00 PM Film Festival
!f 2 Istanbul International Independent Film Festival
Baytna Syria is pleased to invite you to a pioneering film online screening project that connects cities and countries on the 26th, 27th and 28th of February 2016.
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  Thu, Feb 11 At 6:00 PM Seminar
“Deir Ezzor’s Oil: from the revolution to ISIS”
Baytna Syria and Ayn Al-Madina are pleased to invite you to attend a discussion seminar by the head director of Ayn Al-Madina magazine, Mr Ziad Al-Awaad and the public relations officer; Mr. Ahmad Mhidi about the field research published by Ayn Al-Madina entitled “Deir Ezzor’s Oil: from the revolution to ISIS”. The research was based on essential field information and documentation with a huge number of interviews and consultations to illustrate a rich image about this issue.
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  Wed, Feb 3 At 6:00 PM Documentary
Baytna Syria had the honor to incubate a premier screening of the documentary "Champion" on Wednesday, 3 February 2016. The event had unexpected number of audience from different ages, especially from the youth and the Syrian free athletes.
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  Thu, Jan 28 At 6:00 PM Seminar
Seminar "The Syrian Non-Violent Movement Perspectives from the Ground"
Baytna Syria incubated a seminar about the field research issued by Dawlaty entitled "The Syrian Non-Violent Movement Perspectives from the Ground".
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  Thu, Jan 21 At 6:30 PM Film
The Tiger & The Snow
Baytna Syria & Spectrum Cinema Club are pleased to invite you to a movie screening on Thursday, 21st of January 2016 at 18:30 hrs. at Baytna Syria Premises. Language: Italian - English - Arabic Subtitle: Arabic and English
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  Thu, Jan 14 At 6:30 PM Movie
A Touch of Spice
Baytna Syria incubated the screening of the movie "A Touch of Spice" by Spectrum Cinema Club, on the 14th of January, the movie language is in Greek and Turkish, subtitled in Arabic in English.
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  Tue, Jan 12 At 5:00 PM Seminar
The Economic Tuesday
Pursuant to our endeavor to foster social dialogue as a main tool in public policy making and analysis, The Syrian Economic Forum and Baytna Syria announce the launch of “The Economic Tuesday” program. On the first Tuesday of each month, we will organize a panel to discuss an important economic topic of relevance to produce recommendations for local, regional and international decision makers, and to plan for advocacy campaigns on these recommendations when needed.
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  Tue, Jan 5 At 6:00 PM Documentary
Little Gandhi
Baytna Syria is honored to invite you to an exclusive premier screening of the feature documentary "Little Gandhi" on Tuesday, 5th January 2016 at 06:00 PM, in Prestige Cinema Theater, Prime Mall in Gaziantep.
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  Thu, Dec 17 At 6:30 PM
The Butterfly's Dream
Baytna Syria and the Spectrum Cinema Club are inviting you for the movie screening "The Butterfly's Dream" on Thursday 17 December 2015 - Language: Turkish, Subtitle: Arabic and English
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  Thu, Dec 10 At 6:30 PM Movie
War Witch
Baytna Syria and the Spectrum Cinema Club are pleased to launch the 2nd part of the movies screening schedule for December 2015 - The movie which will be screened on Thursday 10 Dec 2015 entitled "War Witch"
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  Thu, Dec 3 At 6:30 PM Movie
The Road (La Strada)
Baytna Syria will host on Thursday, 3rd. December the movie screening by Spectrum Cinema Club entitled "The Road" La Strada. Language: Italian - Subtitle: Arabic and English
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  Thu, Nov 26 At 6:30 PM Movie
The Patience Stone
Baytna Syria hosted the 3rd movie screening by Spectrum Cinema Club entitled "The Patience Stone" on 26 November. Language: Farsi - Subtitle: Arabic and English
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  Thu, Nov 19 At 12:06 PM Movie
Anlat Istanbul "Istanbul Tales"
Baytna Syria & Spectrum Cinema Club hosted on 19 November a Turkish movie night screening entitled "Anlat Istanbul" - "Istanbul Tales", the movie language is Turkish and subtitled in English and Arabic.
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  Fri, Nov 13 At 7:00 PM Movie
Premier Documentary Screening "DEATH VISITED ME" by Omar Al Khani
BAYTNA SYRIA was honored to host a featured documentary premier screening entitled "Death visited me" on Friday, 13 November 2015.
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  Thu, Nov 12 At 6:00 PM Movie
Italian Movie Screening "Stanno Tutti bene" by Giuseppe Tornatore
Baytna Syria & Spectrum Cinema Club hosted on 12 November 2015 an Italian movie night screening entitled "Stanno Tutti bene" - "Everybody is fine" by Giuseppe Tornatore, the movie is subtitled in English and Arabic.
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  Mon, Oct 5 At 7:00 PM Movie
PREMIER Documentary Screening "CHAM PAPER"
Baytna Syria was honored to host the Premier of CHAM PAPER on 5 October 2015.
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  Sun, Aug 16 At 5:00 PM Music Night
Musical Night by "Iman Abdulrazzaq, Osama Dada, & Farouk Şahin"
Baytna Syria was pleased to host a nostalgic musical night by the three musketeers Iman Abdulrazzaq, Osama Dada, & Farouk Şahin.
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  Mon, Aug 10 At 10:00 AM #meeting
SYRIA: Tomorrow is better
Bukra Ahla "Syria: Tomorrow is better"; a Syrian organized and led conference which Baytna Syria hosted in 10 - 12 August 2015. It all started with a small group of Syrian individuals who believe in the role of Syrian Civil Society in conflict transformation, peacemaking & building, & democratic transition in the current situation and in the future.
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  Mon, Jun 8 At 6:00 PM Panel
Panel Discussion with Salam Kawakibi
Baytna Syria and CFI, the French media support agency, hosted Mr. Salam Kawakibi, the deputy director of the Arab Reform Initiative and the researcher and specialist in political science and civil society in the Arab World on 8 June 2015 at Baytna Syria. The panel was about media and civil society: their common ground and divergence, their prospects and their cooperation to get rid of tyranny and build a free end effective public opinion.
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  Thu, Apr 30 At 7:00 PM Concert
Musical Night- by Kinan Azmeh, Dima Orsho and Rony Barrak
Baytna Syria was pleased to host a musical evening by Soprano Dima Orsho, Clarinetist Kinan Azmeh and Drummer Rony Barrak. Proceeds from the sales will go to Hamisch – The Syrian cultural house in Istanbul.
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  Sun, Apr 26 At 7:00 PM Movie
The Road- by Rodi Qara Joul
A feature film talking about the path of the revolution for five activists, from different age groups, religious belonging, and race. Four of them were filmed in Aleppo city and the other one in Gaziantep, the Turkish city, because he’s injured. The film’s structure is based on linking those characters to each other with some docudrama semiology videos. The Road was filmed between September and November 2014, and edited to reach its final edition in March 2015. It is produced by Aytam media Group as it’s first attempt to create a youth cinema with new vision and new methods. The movie is based on overlapping those five stories and linking them together, while they grow and evolve to reach their goals, and here I let the audience to decide where the road is taking on each of them.
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  Sat, Apr 18 At 7:00 PM Choir
Waiting for the Second independence of Syria- Haneen Choir
Baytnasyria hosted an event under the name of waiting the second independence for Syria. Where Haneen choir sang many songs in different languages and Syrian dialects.
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  Mon, Mar 30 At 7:00 PM Movie
Silvered Water - Wiam Baderkhan and Usama Mohammad
The award winning movie telling the story of the Syrian uprising and more specifically the siege of Homs via the camera of Wiam Baderkhan and hundreds of citizen journalists' mobile phones. Location: Baytna Syria premises
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  Sun, Mar 29 At 7:00 PM Poetry
Poetry Night - Abdulsalam Haloom, Widad Nabi and Wael Kais
Poetry night with Abdulsalam Haloom from Saraqeb, Widad Nabi from Kobani and Wael Kais from Damascus. Location: Baytna Syria premises
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  Sat, Mar 28 At 7:00 PM Movie
Lovers’ Notebooks -Eyad Aljaroud (will be present)
Turkey premiere of "Lovers' Notebooks: Saraqeb Walls", the award winning film by Syrian director Eyad Aljaroud. Location: Şehitkamil Belediyesi Kongre Salonu
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  Fri, Mar 27 At 7:00 PM Theatrical Readings
Theatrical Reading - Bashar Fistuk, Assaad Shlash and Hussien Berro
In celebration of the International Theater Day on Mar 27 of each year, we will be presenting the International Theater Day message and readings from the famous Syrian author Saadallah Wannous, accompanied by solo Oud music. Location: Baytna Syria premises
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  Thu, Mar 26 At 7:00 PM Music Night
Musical Night - Metra, Usama Dada and Adnan Horo
Music and singing performance in Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish Location: Baytna Syria premises
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  Tue, Jan 27 At 6:30 PM Panel
Panel on the Challenges and the Future of Syrian Civil Society
The panel concluded with a discussion of what the future might bring to the Syrian civil society and why there is room for hope. A Q&A session followed with many questions centered on the role of civil society in political transition and its role in service delivery.
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  Mon, Jan 26 At 5:30 PM CEREMONY
Baytna Syria was officially relaunched on Monday Jan 26, 2015. An official relaunch ceremony was held for that occasion attended by many Syrian Civil Society Actors: leaders from grassroot movements and CSOs both in Syria and abroad, and dignitaries.
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  Sun, Jan 25 At 8:15 PM Cinema
Screenings from the Cinema Mobile Festival Shows
The festival aims to pay a tribute to the courageous people who shared their videos often risking their lives and to shed light on the uprising talents of young Syrians working in the field of visual arts and are only equipped with phones. The events achieved a relative success and had around 65 attendees.
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  Sun, Jan 25 At 7:00 PM Theatrical Play
“Cassette” by Luay Al-Kordy
A play that portrays the psychological and physical pain that the regime’s detainees suffer from behind the closed bars. The play talks about a prisoner who is full of heroic ideas about himself but ended up killing his own brother out of cowardness. Around 65 people attended the play and many gave Luay a very positive feedback.
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  Sat, Jan 24 At 7:00 PM Movie
“Our Terrible Country” by Ali Atassi and Ziad Homsi
An award winning documentary that chronicles the dangerous journey of Yassin Haj Saleh and the young photographer Ziad Homsi that started from the liberated area of Douma in Damascus to Raqqa in Northern Syria to end in Turkey.
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  Fri, Jan 23 At 7:00 PM Music Night
Musical Night by Wassim Mukdad and Mohammad Issa
The outstanding performers Wassim Mukdad and Mohammad Issa entertained more than eighty people with their terrific live music. Both playing Oud, they had a musical dialogue performing many old tunes and new ones as well. Attendees were greatly moved by the music. They were eager and wanting to hear more.
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  Fri, Jan 23 At 6:00 PM Cultural week
Baytna Syria has achieved a remarkable success in its cultural week that occurred in the last week of January. The week started off on Jan 22, 2015 with the movie “Immortal Sergeant” by Ziad Kalthoum with an attendance of approximately 80 people.
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  Thu, Jan 22 At 8:00 PM Library
Library Opening
Baytna Syria has opened its library on Jan 22, 2015. The main goal of establishing the library is to provide books to Syrians who are in the city of Gaziantep as well as to give Syrians the opportunity to read books in Arabic.
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  Thu, Jan 22 At 6:00 PM Movie
“Immortal Sergeant” by Ziad Kalthoum
A documentary movie that was filmed by Ziad Kalthoum with the help of his filmmaker friend Mohammed Malas.
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