Missing Migrants
Deadly shipwrecks and the bodies of migrants have become the most iconic images of the contemporary refugee crisis at the EU’s periphery.he majority of dead bodies found are buried unidentified. As such, thousands of families in countries of migrant origin remain unaware of the fate of their loved ones.
The Mediterranean Missing research project has sought to understand both the impact on families of having a relative missing in migration, and the law, policy and practice around the identification of bodies of dead migrants in Italy and Greece.
this research "Mediterranean Missing Understanding the Needs of Families and the Obligations of States" aims to shed the light on this universal issue to speak for the families of missing migrants and to recommend procedures in the related countries.

The speakers in the launch are:
- Goria Mirto: research team member, Italy
-The Journalist Zayna Al Ibrahim is joining us for the lunch. he has worked on many articles on the issue of missing migrants.
- Amal Shaiah: research team member, Turkey

P.S. English Arabic translation is available in the launch

For more information visit: http://www.mediterraneanmissing.eu/