Unlisted (Short feature film) produced in Syria- 2012. It is a 28 min film, written and directed by: Roula Al-Kayal. Based on the short story "The Language of Ai Ai" By Dr. Yousuf Idris. The Main Cast are Nawar Bulbul – Ramez Alaswad. The film summed up and tried to answer the following questions: Why would children pay the harsh and unfair conditions of their lives such as poverty, oppression, injustice and violence, although this child may be unique and special among others? If those incidents didn’t occur in his life, would his life be the same? Do we sometimes have to pay for the mistakes of others since we simply love them? And what if this someone has just realized his mistake, tried simply to confess it and break and get away the cycle and bound of friendship!! Would it make a difference? This is how people become unlisted...!!