Zeitoun Community Center

A Community Center delivering Civic, Social, & Cultural Activities

One of the distinguished grant proposals that Baytna Syria received in 2015 was by "Ghoson Zeitoun" organization with its featured project "Zeitoun Community Center". It all started when Ghoson Zeitoun team decided to make a civic cultural change to the community in Bosra town located in Daraa province, Southern Syria. After the town has been liberated, a restoration job to re-build a strategic place was a potential to revive its ancient historical value and Syrian cultural nature. The project has kicked off in early November 2015, with a main objective to create an active civil platform for different categories of the Syrian community.

It strengthens their ties through educational knowledge sharing workshops, raises the public awareness, and provides a positive environment especially for the youth to participate in the civil society revival process and confront any extremism forces that may corrupt the community in such a critical period.

This community cultural center is the spark of hope for Ghoson Zeitoun work team that shall enlighten the lives of various community categories whether by age, gender, or educational background (targeted no. of community beneficiaries is 500). Delivering civic, social, and cultural activities for 6 months, which is the duration of the project, will be a real challenge to overcome any post-conflict risks and pave the way for a better life community through upcoming training and educational workshops like; First Aid, civil defense, computer & language skills