Baytna Syria is the platform for Syrian civil society inside and outside the country. We offer an open space for Syrians to meet, mingle, attend lectures, and get involved. We are convening people and creating networks among civil society as well as with donors. Through our cultural events, we create a fertile environment for young artists to grow and flourish.

Policy for Conference Room Use and Reservation Procedures

Baytna Syria issued a policy for conference room use and reservation procedures for all the hosted activities and events by CSOs and any other organizing parties. You can download the full policy here for information and signature in case you need to make a reservation, the policy includes the reservation form which you need to fill and can be downloaded here.

Organizing Party Responsibility Check-list
(Please keep these in mind when you use our space. Thank you!)
• Please provide a list of any guests attending prior to your event date or at the first day
• Please reconfigure room to its original state, and clean up supplies before leaving
• Please note that what you put as your end time is when everyone needs to leave the space as we often book meetings back to back
• Please remember that Baytna Syria does have a kitchenette area with a water cooler/boiler and coffee/tea makers that are free for guests to use. (Sometimes there are paper goods such as cups, plates, and napkins available to guests.) However, any misuse of these equipment will be your responsibility for reimbursing, replacement, and/or repair
• Please bring tablecloths to cover our tables if you plan to serve food inside the conference room
• Please ensure the well use of the conference room items, whether audio-visual-projector technological equipment, or the other facilities like tables, chairs, flipcharts, water cooler, restrooms etc… In case of any misuse or damage to the rooms or equipment, it is Baytna Syria expectation that the organizing party will be responsible for reimbursing, replacement, and repair and/or cleaning.
• Please remember that the conference room is also part of our office space, so noise and activity levels should be controlled
• For smokers: Please smoke outside Baytna Syria premises, you can smoke in the specified smoking zone area (in the upper floor of the building with maximum capacity of 3-4 persons); however for larger crowds, smoking should be outside the building entirely.
• Baytna Syria is your second home, so please feel free here and make sure it is always cared, cleaned, and healthy to all of us - Just like your home!