Knowledge refers to our capacity building program which involves knowledge production and knowledge transfer. We aim to empower civil society actors and equip them with the necessary information, tools and techniques to ensure a flourishing, productive and effective civil society.


Our program has two main components in terms of content:

  • A generic basic content that will focus on tools needed to develop civil society organizations and help them access funding. The basic content will cover subjects like proposal writing, project management for development, project cycle management, organizational management and organizational development etc.
  • A more thematic content that will focus on definitions, work approaches and thematic differences between civil society actors. The thematic content will cover subjects as advocacy, effective campaigning, right based approach, developmental approach, policy making and analysis etc.

The delivery of our program will be through three main channels:

  • A Training of the Trainers (ToT) program based here in Gaziantep where we will hold small focused workshops with the most advanced candidates to equip them with the knowledge and know how to further disseminate this knowledge inside Syria. We aim to hold 2 ToT workshops before the end of April 2015 and a total of 8 ToT workshops during 2015.
  • A Training program inside Syria in Aleppo, Idleb, Lattakia, Hassakah and Daraa governorates. The program is still being developed and further information can be obtained by emailing
  • Innovative training platforms: we are currently exploring different e-learning platforms to be used to access areas we cannot access physically. These training platforms include the use of videos, chat functionalities, streaming and video conferencing if bandwidth allows.

Besides training, and to further enhance knowledge transfer, we offer institutional building and institutional analysis short term consultancies to Syrian civil society organizations and initiatives. We can tailor make our training material and consultancy to the specific needs of the organization. For more information, kindly contact

On top of our capacity building program, we offer our training rooms for rent to third parties to hold their workshops and trainings. To inquire about rates and availability, kindly write to

Kindly keep visiting this page as we will be posting our ToT program and our e-learning platform here shortly. For our program inside Syria, kindly contact