Mon, Jan 20 At 3:36 PM
Articles Translations for Syria Online Project
Enclosed is a request for proposals (RFP). Baytna Syria invites qualified firms, organizations or individuals to submit a best-price proposal for Baytna Syria articles translation for Syria Online project.
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  Tue, Jan 15 At 3:14 PM
Impact Assessment of the Baytna Syria Program 2016-2019
The main purpose of this impact assessment is to measure through an independent evaluation the changes that can be attributed to the current Baytna Syria program supported by SIDA and Danish MFA. The purpose of this study can be summarized in terms of accountability and learning; (i) to gather data about the effectiveness and impacts of the program to make sure that the intervention is still on track and is likely to reach its objectives, and (ii) to provide Baytna Syria, the donors and its partners with an input to upcoming discussions concerning the preparation of Baytna Syria phase three program interventions.
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  Tue, Jan 15 At 2:24 PM
Independent Auditor for Baytna Syria
The objective of the audit of the financial report is to express an audit opinion according to International Standards on Auditing (ISA) 800/805 on whether the financial report of Baytna Syria is in accordance with the instruction for financial reporting, financial procedures and accounting policies.
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  Thu, Jun 22 At 9:00 AM
Request for Proposals - BS-RFP-001
Enclosed is a request for proposals (RFP). Baytna Syria invites qualified firms and organizations to submit a best-price proposal for Baytna Syria Platform development for Musharaka project. The requirements for this activity are described in the “Statement of Work” in Attachment I. Baytna Syria encourages your organization to indicate its interest in this procurement by submitting a proposal based on the “Evaluation Criteria” in Attachment III. To be considered, offerors should submit a complete proposal no later than the closing date and time indicated above. Offerors should ensure that the proposals are well-written in English, easy to read, follow the instructions provided and contain only requested information. Any questions should be submitted in writing and email to no later than five days after the issue date of this RFP. The answer will be distributed within three days from the closing date of the questions.
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  Mon, Jan 1 At 12:00 AM
Call for Expression of Interest (CEI) - 2019
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